Welcome to Fever Netball Club

Fever Netball Club is an awesome North Brisbane community club. Our club ethos is to welcome and create netball opportunities for anyone who is interested.

Be quick or miss out - uniforms and registrations

Uniforms - due to popularity of specialist items like our named hoodies, Fever are offering one final week to order uniform items for the season this week.  So if you need a new dress, bike pants, perhaps a shirt/singlet for the season or visor this week is the final order until September.  Ordering closes Sunday 28th March 2021.

Wednesday Night Teams

The Ladies and Mixed Social competitions begin soon on Wednesday 21st April 2021.  

We now have a waiting list.  There are two Ladies teams and one Mixed team.  

Put your name on the list: http://fevernetballclub.org.au/2021-wait-list-for-winter-wednesday-night-ladies

These teams do not train and wear the Fever shirt/Singlet or Shirt on the top and black shorts/skirt/yoga pants on the bottom.  

If you require a shirt or singlet please order ASAP as orders close on Sunday 28th March 2021.

Saturday Teams - Vacancies in Go and Inters.

At this time all teams are full with the exception of a few spots in one Inters team, however there has been unexpected interest in our Go division (ages 8 and 9, born 2013, 2012).  So if you might be keen for your child to play Go (non competitive games, 9.20am Saturday mornings March til August) please email us fever.netball.club@outlook.com and if we have enough players interested we will form another team.

Want to learn to be an umpire or coach? Check out your Team App, News Section for details

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Keen to Play Netball?

We offer several competitions at Brisbane North Fever Netball Club:


For players aged 5-6 (born 2016 or 2015), we have our 10 week Monday afternoon NET program, beginning Monday 10th May 2021, 4-4.45pm.  Still awaiting confirmation on cost but approx $120 per player.  No NET during school holidays or public holidays.  If you are keen to play please register on the Net/Set and Wednesday Night Registration tab. 

For players aged 7-8 (born 2014 or 2013), we have our 10 week Monday afternoon SET programbeginning Monday 10th May 2021, 4-4.45pm.  Still awaiting confirmation on cost but approx $120 per player.  No NET during school holidays or public holidays. If you are keen to play please register on the Net/Set and Wednesday Night Registration tab. 

To register for our NET and SET program please click on Net/Set and Wednesday Night Registration tab at the top of the screen and provide your contact information.  Our staff will then be in contact with further details.


For players aged 8-10 (born 2012 or 2011), these players play GO which is a non competitive division held on Saturday mornings from Saturday 13th March 2021.  GO teams attend training at BNA on Monday afternoons.


For players aged 10 and above, we have two competitions available in Winter 2021:

Wednesday Nights Social Ladies or Mixed, or Saturday Ladies Day fixtures.

Wednesday Night teams do not train, play at 6.30pm or 7.30pm each week at BNA, is a ten week competition (2 weeks finals) commencing 21st April 2021 and concluding mid June.  We hope to field teams in Ladies and Mixed.

BNA expect to offer this competition again from July in 2021 in a similar format.

Cost is per team at $1200 so we expect $120-150 per player depending on numbers.  Team uniform is the Fever shirt/singlet and black shorts/skirt/yoga pants (provide your own).  

Expressions of interest are now open for these teams so please click on the Net/Set and Wednesday Night Registration tab at the top of the screen to let us know you are keen and we will be in touch.  Nominations close March 28th 2021.

Saturday Ladies Day Competition teams train on Monday nights and play Saturdays.  First game of the season is Saturday 13th March 2021 and first training is Monday 1st March 2021.  Selection has concluded for this season.  There are some very limited vacancies in some teams, so if interested please click on the Winter 2021 Waitlist tab at the top of the screen to be considered for these teams.  Players must wear a Fever uniform, however are free to choose between the dress or singlet/shirt with black shorts/skirt/yoga pants (just ensure the shirt has the attached velcro for bibs).

Summer Season

Fever also competes in the Brisbane Netball Association (BNA) Summer Nights competitions which are held from October to February on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Trial dates and times for these teams, and further information will be added once advised by BNA. Please note we do not train regularly over the Summer season, but do offer three optional attendance whole club fun fitness training days and some specialist coaching clinics.

2021 Winter Day Season Teams Announced

Please click on the Fever Teams - Winter 2021 link to see the team listings.

Congratulations Fever Fury - Runners Up

Congratulations to Fever Fury who fought bravely in the Summer Night Season final but went down 15-11 against Kedron Lions Sapphires in the Inters 5 division.

Well done to all Summer Season Fever teams - we had five of our eight competitive teams make Semi-Finals, a fantastic result for our small club which has grown so quickly this year, and who don't train in the Summer season.  Big thanks to all players, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, umpires and parents who have adapted amazingly to the changes Co-Vid has created.

Fury 21

Registration Now Closed - Waitlist available

Registrations are now closed.

There are a few vacancies available across all grades.

Please join the waitlist if you are interested in the potential of joining us for this Winter Season.

Netball Connect Registration NOW AVAILABLE!

NetballConnect is now up and running! Please complete your Netball Connect Registration now by following this link.

Guides for how to register with Netball Connect can be found here

Fever- Winter- 2020- 45

COVID Update - 2nd Feb 2021

There has been a recent easing in restrictions within our Covid Industry Plan (CIP), which has seen a relaxation in spectator distancing from 4 sq mtr per person to 1.5m per person. As a result, the Covid Committee has agreed to adopt this change in the CIP for all fixtures commencing from Tuesday 2nd February.

This will allow for increased spectator numbers at finals for our Summer Night Season as the 1 spectator per player is now replaced with each spectator being required to distance at 1.5m. This is great news and we thank our BNA community for working with us throughout this season where these tougher spectator restrictions have had to be in place under our CIP.

Although the easing of restrictions is exciting for our families, we have seen in recent weeks that the threat of Covid is still real and we need to continue to do the right things to ensure the virus doesn't gain a foothold back in our community.

The following procedure still needs to be adhered to:

  1. QR Code sign in - Ensure ALL visitors sign in and out of the venue using the QR codes. Ensure any new spectators who have not been able to attend fixtures due to restrictions have downloaded the EVA App before they arrive. Manual sign in is not preferred, but available by reporting to the games desk upon arrival to the courts.
  2. Maintain 1.5m distancing at all times when off the court
  3.  Please limit the number of spectators you invite along to the courts. We still have limited spectator space on some courts and 1.5m distancing MUST be maintained.
  4.  Spectator lanyards/wristbands are no longer required.
  5. Sanitising of courts process to continue at the end of each round. Everyone is encouraged to use the sanitisation stations near Court 1, outside the canteen and on court 8.
  6.  Spectators are to remain in designated areas and not to mix with teams and officials.
  7.  Players still need to social distance off court. And so drink breaks should be taken on court.
  8.  With additional spectator allowance, there will be increased strains on parking in and around BNA. Please be respectful of our neighbours and do not park across driveways, across yellow lines within BNA grounds or any grass areas. Please leave quietly if parked in the side streets after your game.
  9.  Spectators are to go directly to their teams nominated court and at the conclusion of the the game, leave the premises as quickly as possible to allow for the next rounds players and spectators to arrive. Please ensure any non-playing siblings are supervised and remain with you at all times. Spectators are not permitted to roam around the courts and as such, the use of footballs, soccer balls & scooters are not permitted around the courts. Spectators are there to watch the game, support & cheer on our players.

Please respect and follow instructions from the Covid officers who will be circulating during Finals. They are club volunteers who are just helping keep us safe.

Fever is a family and community orientated netball club affiliated with Brisbane Netball Association (BNA) and a home base in the Banyo/Nudgee area.

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