Summer 2020 Wait List

Fever Netball Club

Summer Night Season for 2020/21 is tentatively closed.

Join our waitlist if you are interested in still joining us for the Summer Season.

Summer Night Season at Fever is a way to maintain fitness, skills and socially keep the team spirit alive and therefore it is games ONLY during this season with no training scheduled.
During Summer Night Season we offer the season off to Coaches so they too may just be parents and support to their children. There is no promise of a "coach" for your team, but there will be someone in charge to guide and support them through the season. Some teams may elect to have some training, this will be up to individual teams.

Teams will be announced on 25th September at 12 noon.
Some teams are already full, but other teams do have room to accommodate up to 3 additional players. We will reach out to you if we can accommodate your request.

We look forward to seeing you hopefully for our Summer Season.

Note: The registration period for this Mini-Event has closed.


Sharon Crawford