Winter 2020 Season

Registrations are open from 1st February to 14 March 2020. 

Registration can now be completed, including full payment using Majestri (through our Fever website)
Registration is still required with both Fever and MyNetball.

There are two types of ages groups for Registration:

1. GO: Aged Player (10 years old) wanting to play in JUNIOR Competition AND JUNIOR: Aged Players (11-17 years old)
2. SENIOR: Aged Players (18 years old and beyond)

Fever also offer a GO Program for players aged 8 or 9 years old

1. Registration is made through our Fever Website Winter 2020 Season

Tips for the process can be found on our FAQ page

Once this process is complete, Majestri will then prompt you to register through to:

2. Registration is then made through the MyNetball Website:

Junior or Senior Player: Winter Day 2020

SET Program including SET Player wanting to playing in GO Competition: SET Program

Go Program including GO Player wanting to playing in Junior Competition: GO Program

Keep proceeding past the step when it asks you to click here for payment. This process must be completed (no payment is made through MyNetball, it is done through Fever).  I know it’s confusing.

Any player holding a valid Fair Play Voucher & claim this, must email it through to Fever ASAP:

Once registrations are closed, you will need to contact Phillipa at to see if there are any availabilities for your child/children.


Fever Registration Process (Majestri)

Snip 20200205 11


My Netball Registration Process (complete after Majestri)

Snip 20200205 12

Payment Plans

Fever now offers a Payment Plan for the Winter Day 2020 Season through Majestri.  This will need to be completed through the Fever website only (not MyNetball).