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Fever Netball Club is an awesome North Brisbane community club.

COVID Update - 12th Jan 2021

We are all systems go for fixtures this week but please be mindful of the following – which WILL be enforced by our Club, BNA and the COVID committee:
  • One spectator/supporter per player – no siblings are to be courtside. We will be giving out wristbands each game and all Fever supporters will need one – we will literally have 1 for each player so can’t give out any more.
  • All supporters must sign in using the QR Code and show this sign in when requested – there should be more scanning locations around the courts. All players are recorded on the scorecard so do not require the QR sign-in.
  • All supporters must stay 1.5mt away from each other – please no group chats and after Xmas catch-ups courtside.
  • All players to meet their coaches at our regular meeting place – coaches will take the team to the court 15mins prior to the game
  • Players/Coaches cannot leave the court during breaks in play – all must stay on the green court otherwise social distancing will be required
  • Masks are not required – unless going into the BNA clubhouse but as required by Qld Government – everyone must carry one. As a club we don’t have extras so BYO mask.

There will be BNA and Club members allocated each week to complete COVID duties. Please be respectful if/when they ask for your QR code and provide some instruction if we aren’t quite complying with the COVID rules. If we don’t get this right, it will impact how the 2021 Winter Season proceeds with hopefully an increase in spectator numbers and a return to full 60min games.

Any questions or issues can be directed to our email and a member of the Executive will get back to you or your Team Coach who can get clarification if needed.

We all knew that COVID would continue to impact on our lives in 2021, and hopefully we will all get better at managing and responding to this risk.

Good luck to all out players and have fun being back out on court!!

Summer Season

Come join us at Fever Netball and you never know, Fever Frank may make with a guest appearance to cheer you on!

Fever- Winter- 2020- 23

Fever- Winter- 2020- 32

Fever also offers a range of bursaries and can assist with accessing Fair Play Vouchers (value $150).

Please email fever.netball.club@outlook.com if you are keen to join with us.  

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COVID Update - 3rd September 2020

The BNA COVID safety committee met on Monday night and have requested that the following reminders be issued.  

Please make sure you share this information to help everyone comply, so that we can continue to support our Netball teams now and into the Summer Season.  



It has been noted that people are starting to arrive too early at the courts for games.

Please remind parents, players and team officials that they are to only arrive 20 mins before their game.  This allows players 5 mins to get to team meeting area and then team can proceed to court 15 mins prior to start of game to warm up.



To ensure numbers are kept to a minimum courtside, the team bench area is restricted to Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager and bench players for that game only.  No other players, officials or spectators are permitted in this area and if not part of the 5 per team spectator allowance must leave the premises.


Everyone must observe social distancing rules at all times.



Coaches are reminded to KEEP PLAYERS ON COURT during breaks – do not have to observe social distancing in this instance.  If any team members do leave the court they are required to observe the 1.5m social distancing rules.


Thanks for your support. 

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Take a look at our Winter 2020 Photo Album

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Keep Safe and Up to Date

Our COVID Info Page provides details that everyone needs to stay on top of.

These details and requirements can change regularly to ensure we keep everyone safe and well.

It is critical that we maintain compliance to allow our season of playing to continue.


22nd July Update

11th July Update

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Fever is a family and community orientated netball club affiliated with Brisbane Netball Association (BNA) and a home base in the Banyo/Nudgee area.