COVID Info Page

Winter Season - Update 22nd July



As a Netball provider Fever Netball Club is bound by the guidelines and regulations of Netball Australia, Netball Queensland and Brisbane Netball Association.  We must follow their directives to be in compliance with the requirements of the Queensland Government to be allowed to continue playing and training for netball.

What this means for everyone involved - including parents is;

  • Any Family Illness - If anyone in your household is potentially exposed to Co-Vid 19, displays any symptoms of Co-Vid 19 infection, has travelled overseas or within Australia to a hot spot area or has been ordered to self isolate/quarantine - you MUST notify your team coach and manager IMMEDIATELY and NOT attend any games or training sessions until you have tested negative to Co-Vid 19.  As a club we are strongly encouraging anyone feeling unwell at all not to attend and risk infecting others.

  • Players during play - Should a player show symptoms of Co-Vid illness during a match they will be sent to the sick bay area at BNA, the match will be cancelled and all participants from the game including players, umpires and officials will be sent home and ordered to self isolate until testing negative to Co-Vid 19 and providing a medical clearance.

  • Five Spectators rule - every team (except Falcons) are only allowed FIVE spectators per match TOTAL.  This includes parents, siblings, players from other teams etc.  Each week team managers are allocating the families allowed a spot to attend.  So far compliance with our families has been pretty good however BNA are going to have to remove this rule and not allow any spectators if breaches continue to occur so please ensure you only attend when permitted.

  • QR code - if you are the permitted spectator we need to track your attendance via the QR code or register available on Court 8.  Please ensure you sign in and out to allow for contact tracing.  This details are only held for tracing purposes and only for 56 days.

  • Allowable Zones - Each court also now has defined Spectator Zone, Player Zone, Coach’s box.  NO PARENTS are to be in the Player Zone and players MUST stay in the Player Zone. The Coach must also stay in the Coach’s box.  Reminder that all players/coach’s/managers are to socially distance themselves when off the court (1.5m).   The Spectator zones are clearly marked and ensure social distancing.

  • Meeting Point - Finally observe the CLUB MEETING POINT.  For teams playing/training on courts 1-4 this will be on the footpath of Rode Road at the end of Court 1.  For teams playing on Courts 5-14 it is the grassed area below the bottom car park.  For every match and training session please assemble here and do not move to the courts until the roll is marked for attendance and the coach/manager escorts you to the court.  This is also where the team will move to at the end of matches for post game conversations before leaving.  We ARE NOT permitted to have teams on the sideline at matches and/or training if other teams are on the courts.  The mantra is Get In, Play/Train, Get Out.  Parents are welcome to wait in the car and collect children by driving to the meeting point for drop off and collection - please ensure the adult supervising is aware your child has arrived/ is leaving.

Please know the purpose of these regulations are to ensure we all keep safe and healthy while still permitted to continue enjoying our sport of netball.  If we fail to abide by the regulations we risk the cancellation of the netball season at BNA. 

Winter Season - Update 11th JULY



Restricted to 5 adults per team
To ensure base density requirements of 4 square metres per person on the sidelines of games is met, spectators will be restricted to 5 adults only per team. This is IN ADDITION to team players and team officials - coach, manager, timekeeper, scorer.

Social Distancing
Everyone must maintain base density requirements of 4 square metres per person in any area and physical distancing of 1.5m at all times.
On court players and umpires are exempt along with first aid when treating injuries.

Court Flow
Please follow directions on grounds
  • Each court has entry and exit points to be used
  • Court 8 is thoroughfare only to allow access to courts 10, 13 and 14)
  • No access through courts 5 and 6 to lower courts
  • Pictures can be found on the following COVID Information Page

Team Warm ups and Meeting points
Teams have 15 mins before game time to warm up on the same court they are playing on. Any longer warm up will need to be conducted on grassed areas adjacent to bottom courts.
Courts 7, 8, and 11 are closed and not available for warm-ups.
Each club may have a plan regarding team meeting points before heading to courts. Please refer to your team coach/manager for instructions.
NB: Teams cannot arrive at their court any earlier than 15 minutes to schedule game start time.

Contact Tracing Information
PlayersSigning of game scoreboard sufficient to record attendance
UmpiresNormal sign in register at Games Desk is sufficient to record umpire attendance
ScorersSigning of game scoreboard sufficient to record attendance or use QR code
Coach/ManagerInsert name and sign under player's names on scorecard (if not automatically listed) or QR code
SpectatorsUse BNA QR code or manual attendance register located at designated entry points 

Contact tracing information (attendance records) must be kept for all players, officials and spectators.
If you are required to be here for more than one round, we recommend use of QR code to facilitate one log in and one log out procedure. (e.g., club officials, coaches with more than 1 team, etc.,)

Scorecard collection and return
Scorecards will be available 15 minutes before games
Courts 1-6 on table outside canteen area
Courts 7-14 on table located on Court 8

Hand Sanitising
Hand sanitiser dispensers will be placed in prominent places around facilities at entry and exit points, in toilets and at clubhouse entry.
Managers should still encourage good hand practices for players (at least on arrival to court and at the end of the game).

Court Sanitising
At the end of each round, teams will be required to complete simple sanitising tasks before leaving the court. Each scorecard will contain a checklist listing what is required and will include cleaning of post pads, benches and hand railings. Once completed the checklist must be signed and returned with the scorecard. All cleaning materials will be contained in a bucket courtside. Coaches are to ensure this has been done.
Please immediately contact your Club COVID officer on the day should you need assistance on this.

Courts closed on Fixture Days
Courts 7, 8, and 11 will be closed for fixtures.
Court 8 will be used for scorecards, sanitization stations and foot traffic thoroughfare. Courts 7 and 11 do not allow for sufficient suitable spectator areas during games. No warm ups or congregating on these courts are permitted.

Canteen and Water fountains
The canteen will be closed for the first couple of weeks and water fountain will also remain out of use.
Players, umpires and spectators must bring their own food and water.

Court Flow Instructions

As part of our COVID Safe Return to Play Guidelines, BNA have created a traffic flow map that outlines how you need to enter and exit from each court when using the facilities. BNA have placed plenty of signage around the courts that will help you to find your way. Following the individual flow for each court is crucial to ensure that all our visitors are safe and can maintain the required social distancing procedures.

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